I thought of you when I saw this!

When your friends come across something sweet and they’re reminded of you, they sometimes tell you that they thought of you that day.  Well, I don’t get those reminders.  Instead I was informed that when they saw the video above, they thought that this would be something I would enjoy.  They were absolutely right.  Here’s to pushing the envelope.  Brilliant if I have to say so myself!

Fuck. Fake. Friends.

The holidays are here, and the New Year is creeping up.  I’m all for self improvement, but at times I’m not one to improve myself.  Well, I’m trying, and for now that’s the best I can do.  I’ve been evaluating my relationships lately, and it has finally been brought to my attention that I have some shitty “friends”.

I am a firm believe that everyone needs to have STANDARDS.  There needs to be boundaries that can not be crossed.  There is a quote that says “It is extremely EXPENSIVE to SPEND your TIME with people that bring no VALUE.”  I’ve been so caught up on being so good to others that I have not seen the fact that they have not been good to me.

You know what sucks?  Realizing that you have shitty friends.
You know what’s great?  Realizing that your friends are shit.

A blessing and a curse.  Fuck.  Fake.  Friends.

If you’re a fake friend and you’re reading this.  Fuck You.  Don’t bother trying.  It’s already too late.

Give Thanks


One of the things I love about my job is the fact that I get to spend time with a lot of amazing people from all walks of life.  Tonight’s conversation went as follows:

Me (at 6:09p) : What time are you off work?
Anna: 6:30
Me: ME TOO!  Do you want to go get pizza?  *Shows photo of pizza on IG
Anna: <pauses>
Me: Okay, well let me know in 21 minutes
Me (19 minutes later): Wanna go get pizza?
Anna: Okay!

Some of my coworkers are cool as fuck, and I love them for it.

Be open to adventure.  Embrace the unknown.  Thanks Anna Banana!

If you don’t ask…

There’s a quote “if you don’t ask, the answer is always no”.  After all these years, I’m finally beginning to ask.  For the most part, the answer is still no, but I’m optimistic, and I think one day things will change.  It’s still too soon to tell. Here’s to asking.  Here’s to transparency.  Here’s to communication. 


There’s just something about parents that makes your blood pressure go up a few points every time they enter the room, or call.  I don’t want to feel this way towards my parents anymore.  I don’t want my future kids to feel this way about me.


Theres nothing worse than having a train not run on weekends.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen my parents in Brooklyn, and my dad called to let it be known that a single letter on his iPad is not registering when he types it.  It’s time to spend a day in Brooklyn.

Inbound train runs fine, so that’s great.  Outbound doesn’t exist.  Great.  It requires me to walk about half a mile to the next stop.

I hear the train come, and I run.  I run half a block, past the turnstile and head up the stairs.  I’m not the only one running, but it seems like I’m the only one TRYING.  You know the fake jog people do when they’re crossing the street with 1 second to spare?  They do the motions but they aren’t any faster.  This is what it felt like.  Trying to weave my way up the stairs and EVERYONE IS SLOW.  I see the doors open, I struggle.  I see them close.  The people who are before me have this disappointed look on their face.  WHY?!  You’re SLOW!  There’s no way you can make it.  Why did you even TRY?  I could’ve made it if I had a clear path.  Now I’m late.  20 minutes late.

Times like this I think about Sliding Doors.  All the what ifs in the world.  The should’ve could’ve would’ve.

Cie la vie.  Happy Sunday.


Vanity Fair came out with a write up about Tinder today.  It opened my eyes as to the real world I’m living in now.  As a man who is still in search of “The One” and “true love” and romance, this doesn’t give me much hope.  I don’t like the world I’m living in, and honestly I’m scared.  I can be one of these guys (anyone can), but the question is – “Do I want to?”

See for yourself here: Vanity Fair

Don't ask questions you don't want the answers to…